Friday, January 22, 2010

Flower flower english style

material : cotton
size : free size (can fit to S and M size)
sleeve width : 6 inch
sleeve length : 7 inch
shoulder width : 16 inch
bust : 18 inch
total length : 29.5 inch
Price : RM30 WITH postage!

full pic of this blouse


The Sleeve with button


the model are wearing some of the blouse with inner
u can also style it with belt to look more fashionable.

this one SOLD!

nvm, i have other colors for u,
scroll down for more colors

blue (B001) - SOLD!

Orange (B002)

Brown (B003) - SOLD!

Black (B004) - SOLD!

Purple Pink (B005)

Colorful Inner for sale!

are u looking for inner?
bored of wearing black n white inner only?
here comes the colorful inner for u so that u can match wif yer colorful clothes!
it's a stretchable inner..
the material is so gewd so that u will feel comfortable wearing it!
so scroll down n pick your color!

Size : Free Size ( can fit to S n M size)
Price : RM15
Material : Cotton
Postage Charges : its FREE bcoz its OPENING SALE!!!

choose your color (the color is based on the above pic:
Electric Blue (I001)
Soft Pink (I002)
Black (I003)
Pink-Purple (I004)
Purple (I005) - SOLD!
Brown (I006) - SOLD!

AffordableTank Top!

hey hottie!
check out this good material of tank top at the reasonable price!
choose any color u want n place your order!
hurry up coz it is limited to one only!
one tank top for juz RM18 n FREE postage!!!

size = FREE size ( can fit to S and M size)
material = cotton

The colors n the code :
Peach (S001)
Dark Brown (s002)
Yellow (S003)
Green (S004) - 1 SOLD, 1 more available!
Red (S005)
Soft Pink (S006)
Dark Green (S007)
Blue (S008)
White (S009)
Black (S010)
Striking Pink (S011)

New baby has born!

hello, hello, hello
at last this blog has been created by me!
after thinking toooo much about the name of this online shop..
i choose SECRET CLOSET as the name..(btw, thanks to my cysta who gave me this name!)
so start from today,
i will be entering online business world!
i hope it will success!(pray for me pls =p)
i PROMISE u that i will give a great great services!
for the time being this is all that i have..
i will update later wif a versatile, fresh, trendy and unique design for all of u who LOVE shopping!
so check out my item n do support ya?